Virtual Home Tours for Real Estate Marketing: Benefits and Best Practices

Gone are the days of advertising real estate through classified ads. Back then, you had to find a good listing in the paper, follow up with a phone call inquiry, and arrange an in-person. Thankfully, the information age offers countless real estate marketing tools for distributing property information online. The savviest real estate agents now create a virtual home tour for each of sale properties; this saves time for agents and buyers alike.

Of course, this is only the most obvious advantages for creating a virtual tour; we list a few more below.

1. Virtual tours are easy to share online.

It is easy to share a virtual home tour across blogs, social media sites, and listing databases. The best virtual tour applications even provide HTML code for easy posting to online databases like Craigslist.

2. Fun and easy.

Too many real estate marketing tools feel like hard work; they are boring and time consuming to use. However, it’s easy and fun to make a virtual tour. You don’t even need a video camera. Simply fill out a few property details, upload photographs, and select your animation and music. That’s it!

3. Describe a property’s personality.

A virtual tool will definitely provide the kind of basic information that consumers need to make a rational choice about whether this could be the right property for them. The number of bedrooms, the neighborhood, nearby schools – these are the facts buyers need, and a virtual home tour should include all of this information.

However, a virtual home tour can also reach buyers on a “gut feeling” level. Indeed, a tour video can quickly convey a property’s “personality.” Those who depend on real estate marketing tools to earn their keep can tell you that intuition, emotional reactions, and gut instincts play an important, influential role in property sales.

4. Forward-thinking real estate marketing.

Technology expert Cisco has estimated that videos will represent 80 percent of Internet traffic by 2015. By creating up virtual video tours today, you will be better positioned for tomorrow’s real estate marketing trends.

5. Increased volume of high quality inquiries.

The bottom line is that you will get more high-quality inquiries if you create a virtual home tour for each of your listings. Buyers are more likely to pursue a property if they have the kind of rich information that a virtual tour conveys.

As you can see, there are plenty of advantages to using virtual tour videos as one of your real estate marketing tools. However, like all marketing tools, virtual tours can be more or less successful depending on your technique. Create a powerful tour video by following these tips:

Insist on excellent lighting. Humans are naturally drawn to light; if the property photos in your video are well-lit, you will receive more property inquiries.

Choose universally appealing animation and music to accompany each virtual home tour. You may be a big fan of Nirvana, but that doesn’t mean you should put “Smells Like Teen Spirit” as your background tune for a new condo listing. Choose lyric-free, upbeat music and limit the number of sparkly animations you choose.

Share with past clients. Remember that referrals are the best form of advertising, because they’re free and effective. Include a few links to virtual tour videos for current offerings in your newsletters to past buyers.